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Setting Up a Medical Practice – Checklist

The Smart Guide to Starting a Medical Practice in Australiamedical practice checklist

Setting up a new medical practice can be a tough and nerve-wracking process. Want to ease this load a bit? This medical practice checklist shows what you need to decide and act on to get started.

Starting own medical practice can be a dream of any medical practitioner or health care provider. I mean what can be more exciting than to take the practice of medicine into your own hands? But unfortunately executing this task is not as much exciting. Setting up a new medical practice in town can be complicated and hell challenging. 

For this, you need a proper roadmap at the outset to keep moving things in the schedule. You need to get proper equipment, insurance, need to get your credentials, etc. However, a reliable medical IT consulting company can help you out with that.

But still, you need your own work plan. If you are done with the basics like obtaining a state medical license, choose a location, etc. then this guide will provide you with a medical practice checklist that you can set up accordingly. So, let’s begin. 

Medical Practice Checklist

Determine Business Model: 

First of all, you need to decide that what type of medical practice you want to operate in. You need to decide that either it would be traditional, concierge, or DPC (direct primary care)

Open a Practice Checking Account:

Get your practice checking account in the bank and apply for a loan if you need it. 

Get Malpractice Insurance:

Getting malpractice insurance is one of the most important things before starting up a new practice. The medical insurers can provide great discounts that can save you up to 86% on your premiums. Go for a better malpractice insurance service. 

Create a Fee Schedule

Another important point in your medical practice checklist is to set up your fee schedule. This could be a list or brochure of all the services that you offer along with the amount you will charge for each. 

Get Your Credentials Done

In order to get authorized to receive reimbursements from insurance companies, you may have to prepare an application. However, you can consult a reliable medical IT service provider to get your credentials done in a safe and fast manner. 

Get Medical Equipment and Tools

Time to get your ‘art’ tools. The medical equipment and tools are one important thing that you need to set up your office or clinic. Some of the common and basic equipment that you are going to need to include:

Medical Equipment: Stethoscope, Exam table, blood pressure/sugar check machine, blood pressure monitor, thermometer

Clothing: Patient gowns, scrubs, name tags

Furniture: Office chair, tables, cupboards, seaters

Technology: Internet access, WIFI, Computer, Answering Machine, Fax Machine

Supplies: syringe, gauzes, scalpels, ointment, gloves, alcohol swabs 

Designate Employee Roles 

After setting up your office, you are going to need staff members to help you with your work like a nurse, medical assistant, janitor, etc. You should analyze that exactly how many staff member you need to appoint to help you run the practice. 

Promote Your Services

 Once your setup is established, it's now time to promote your services to attract your potential patients. One of the best ways is to establish an online presence. In this time of technology, people spend most of the time on the internet and it's easy to target your audience online than on any other network.

Final Notes

Starting a medical practice is one of the most exciting times in a doctor’s life. Hopefully, with this medical practice checklist, you will be able to establish your medical practice with ease. All the best.

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